August 30th, 2006

Mike and me

10 DAYS!!!

Somewhere in the deep depths of my company, an error has occured.
Websense is down.
The internet is, for the moment, my play-toy, my distraction, and something to get me fired by.

But, since it is down, I decided to spend a paid minute to update.

See, someone in corporate realized I was spending way to much time doing things besides work - or that I could post live to the internet and divulge the trade secrets of my work online (I will do no such thing.)- and blocked this website from my use. I completly understand why. However, I'm here now, and updating now.

There are only 10 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ten days until I become Mrs. Michael Leonard Smith, Junior!

Ten days to keep my emotions and excitement from destroying my body!

Ten days to make sure every main detail is taken care of.

Ten days to keep from losing my mind and my cool.

Ten days of pure high without drugs.

I do have a prayer request for my few readers... I have built up some resentment and bitterness towards one friend. I definitely need to let that go. I don't know how to clean up the matter without causing a potentially worse matter, but yet my problem is eating at me. So... yeah. Please pray.


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