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Freakin out

I so don't want to be here right now... - at work that is.
I am anxious to be on to other things today.

I remember this feeling - from a few years ago.

I am helping my friend with her wedding. There are plans to be finished, projects to be completed, and I'm going a little mental.

I want to be out of this chair, up from this desk, away from this building.
Away from work.
Away from having one more thing to think about, so that I can be free to focus on the things I want to do for the wedding, and not on the have to dos for work.

I want to get stuff done!!
I want to not have to rush to finish up the projects.

I want to be at home, or out in the sun, but above all, relaxed.

God has given me so much strength over the last few weeks - I want Him to give me even more now! *sigh*

Thank you Lord for being so gracious with me, when I have things to do, when I have stuff on my mind, for giving me a husband who is supportive. Thank you for giving me friends to support - and thus honor You by.

Can I focus on my paying job? Will the caffeine stop me from focusing? The LORD will give me clarity and mental ease!

2 hours left to my work day...

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