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So Ecstatic

I have WAY to much enthusiasm at this moment. Oh my goodness.
I am so sore!! We played HARD volleyball last night! Not hard b/c it was difficult (although it was) but hard b/c we worked reeeeeaaaallllly hard! And it was so exciting! Now the other half of our team will work harder - which means we'll have to work harder, but I think it's SOOOOOO good for us! We have to work super hard to get to playing good volleyball - and last night we worked very hard - for almost 3 hours - back to back games. Which is another good thing b/c in the tournament, we play a lot and we play sometimes 3 to 6 games in a row, depending on where in the tournament we are.
I am so excited, I can barely contain myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it when life is not hard. I know that's not always the best for me - but I love it anyway!!

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