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what a wonderful God

Valentine's Day was Very nice. I arrived at work to discover 2 dozen red roses in a vase on my desk, surrounded by a heart made of Hershey's Kisses. Later, I received 2 pairs of socks w/ Valentine's themes, a soft fleecy blanket with a print that says "I love you" (I think that's the best Valentine's gift I've gotten!! Beating out even the flowers!) two cards, and a soft stuffed puppy with bendy ears. Mike is so wonderful! I love him.

For those of you now jealous b/c he showers me w/ gifts, PLEASE don't be.

Today should be a good day - in fact it's one of my favorite days of the week. First off, I'm at my day job - it can be a long day, and I usually feel like I'm not doing enough, but it's a good job that I enjoy. Then, I go to my night job - which I enjoy even more b/c, when the work is done, I can sit and do whatever I want as long as I answer the phones and monitor the door. I love it. It runs late, though, so unless Mike comes to see me, I usually don't get to see him on Wednesdays. Then comes the best part of all of today:


I love volleyball. I love playing well. I love learning more and doing better. I love it, I love it, I love it.

I have discovered my hands are stiff sometimes. I think I'm linking it to the days after practice - so I'm going to try and remember to stretch them often before, during, and after, and see if that helps.
Orf. I should have grabbed the braces that I have for Missy. Dang it. If I have time, I'll stop at home and pick it up before going to job #2.

I am tired today. But, I' looking forward to the days activities. I'm slightly regretting some of the things I said and did yesterday. Oh well. Gotta shake it off. :-D

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